About Diaz Ag

Diaz Ag is dedicated to empowering farms with advanced AgTech solutions. With our deep expertise and shared values, we bring a calculated approach to every project. Through careful evaluation and testing, we recommend tailored solutions that optimize farm operations. Let us join forces to harness the transformative power of innovative AgTech and drive sustainable growth in the agricultural industry.

Diaz Ag is a small family-owned, Arizona agricultural technology company founded by a dynamic father-son duo who share a deep passion for driving innovation in the farming industry. We are committed to delivering well-fitting solutions for the implementation of new technologies for agriculture while adhering to the highest professional integrity and strict client confidentiality. 

We understand the challenges faced by farmers in the Southwest and the importance of finding and establishing more efficient, reliable, and effective technologies. By carefully evaluating, adapting, and monitoring technologies, we help farms discover the most promising breakthroughs while safeguarding them from wasting time and resources on non-applicable products.   We aim to be your trusted partner in navigating the ever-evolving agrotechnology landscape. 

Empowering Farms
with Innovative
AgTech Solutions

Alberto J. Diaz, founder, and CEO of Diaz Agriculture, is a licensed CCA (Certified Crop Adviser with over 30 years of agriculture experience. He has collaborated with leading companies like Ferticell, and Liventia, specializing in new technologies to address sustainability challenges in the Desert Southwest and Central Mexico.

Luis A. Diaz is passionate about drone aviation. He has been building and flying FPV drones at a very early age. Today he excels at building and customizing FPV drones. Luis is responsible for the design and implementation of the AgFalcon and FPV4Ag drone technology for our clients. Luis’ expertise in drone piloting, design, and construction brings an exciting new dimension to aerial drone systems for agriculture. 

Alberto Diaz

Founder & CEO

Luis Diaz

Drone Pilot | FPV4Ag Specialist

We’re a father-son duo who love collaborating to create well-crafted, applicable ag solutions. For us, the best part is taking an idea that everyone believes in and working together to turn that into reality.

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Diaz Agriculture also welcomes collaborations with new agronomic partners in the industry. Whether you're a new ag-tech company seeking efficacy or demonstration trials to key potential clients, implementation supports services or field consulting, we welcome the opportunity to converse with you.  

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  • Quality-driven environment
  • Flexible hours and travel-capable
  • Analytical approach to agronomy
  • Family-Owned and Operated
  • Bi-Lingual
  • Multiple Digital and Agronomic Solutions
  • Years of experience in agronomic consulting
  • Top-of-the-line drone equipment and services